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Our vision

From our production facilities located in Bakırçay Plain, the pearl of the Aegean, we produce the high-quality products of our Anatolia healthily by the hygiene rules and present our products to you.


To provide an easily accessible service to the world’s tables by blending the priceless hidden flavours of Anatolia with our expert team, using the latest technology, by keeping up with the highest hygiene conditions, with our taste and quality superiority.

As Mis Konserve, our mission is to strengthen our team while delivering our natural and delicious products to our customers. As the human resources department, we work to discover, motivate and develop valuable talents. You can help us achieve these goals by joining the Mis Konserve family.

Our human resources department aims to keep our employees’ welfare, job satisfaction and career development at the highest level. We strive to support you, train you and provide development opportunities, to enable you to make the best use of your talents and potential.

Working at Mis Konserve provides an experience that will make you feel like you are in a family environment. Collaboration and team spirit are one of the core values of Mis Konserve. Working together, we achieve sustainable success with our dedicated teams.

By joining the Mis Konserve family, you can share the success of our natural, healthy and delicious products. We are excited to work with us and would like to use your talents to contribute to the growth of Mis Konserve.

Yours sincerely,

Mis Conservation Human Resources Department